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WebNMS IoT Remote Asset Management

IoT-driven digital transformation for your business

Impart Intelligence and security to your assets and sites

In today's data-driven era, every enterprise owns and manages myriad assets for running its operations and for providing services to its customers. Extensive network of assets endures various challenges to the enterprise like higher Capex, the inability to rip & replace the existing sensors/equipments, unconnected silos of IT/OT data, higher mean time to repair (MTTR), etc. Asset failures directly impact customer service SLAs and customer satisfaction quotient. For such key resources, monitoring their health, their utilization, proactively planning their maintenance, etc. are important factors that tangibly impact the productivity of the business and affect its bottom line. The success of the enterprises and the customer perception about the services they offer are inextricably tied to the efficiency in managing these assets. In the age of connected everything, bringing in this visibility into asset health is only a click away with WebNMS IoT Remote Asset Management. By bringing in IoT data of assets and connecting them with your enterprise applications and business workflows, WebNMS enriches your digital transformation initiatives.

  • Improved Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

  • Improved Mean Time Between Breakdowns (MTBB)

  • Increased Return on Assets (ROA)

  • Reduced Onsite Resolution Time

  • Improved Asset Life Cycle Management

  • Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness

A solution designed to fine-tune your business operations!

WebNMS IoT Remote Asset Management helps you to unleash the full potential of IoT and provides real-time insights on asset performance parameters, asset/floor/site wise energy consumption & comparison metrics, monitoring the environmental conditions of the site like temperature & humidity, monitoring the utilization at an individual asset level, enable predictive maintenance for the assets/sites, etc.

This in turn enables the maintenance personnel, operations managers, and site supervisors to take the right actions at the right time. WebNMS IoT Remote Asset Management prolifically integrates with all your brownfield equipment & business processes to provide you enterprise-wide visibility and minimize unplanned downtime while keeping the maintenance costs in check. While offering optimized end-to-end connectivity from your assets to the business process, our solution helps you to maximize asset availability, enhance production scheduling, and deliver substantial cost savings.

IoT based remote asset management solution - WebNMS IoT
  • Centralized Monitoring

    Irrespective of the location of the assets, our solution enables the monitoring of remote sites like manufacturing plants, facilities, cell tower sites, etc. through a centralized location with anytime, anywhere access using a single dashboard which tracks and analyses various asset performance parameters. Intituitive dashboard with real-time information like alarms, asset KPIs, historical and current data of the assets, etc. Our solution helps the engineers, technicians, supervisors, plant in-charge by monitoring, managing, and controlling thousands of assets from a single location. It helps them to increase the on-time performance, enable efficient maintenance of the assets, reduce operating costs, and effective disaster control.

  • Real-time Alerting

    Customized real-time alerting for both mobile and fixed assets enables the business to maintain an unprecedented amount of insight into the assets. Our solution also helps you to proactively address fluctuations or deviations that might be missed, reduce risks & costs, and increase the efficiency & profitability.

  • Advanced Reporting

    Customized reports tailored to your assets/sites delivered to you the way you want it. Comparison reports, asset performance reports, asset run hours reports, etc. can be auto-generated at scheduled intervals to help you make data-driven decisions and attain your organization goals.

  • Asset Health/Condition Monitoring

    Our solution improves the visibility into the health and condition of the assets and minimizes the downtime by monitoring factors like condition, cost, performance, and remaining asset life. Our solution also helps to optimize preventive maintenance, conduct root cause analysis, reduce risks to the assets, and report KPIs of the asset.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Prevent breakdowns and eliminate unnecessary maintenance of the assets using a predictive just-in-time maintenance approach thus improving the asset reliability, reducing the parts & labor costs, and reduced asset outages.

  • Statutory compliances

    Our solution enables statutory compliances with industry standards such as ISO 55001, PAS 55, etc.

  • Asset Workflow Automation

    Eliminate the manual workflows, ensure accuracy & consistency in your business operations, connect people, data & systems for better collaboration, and build workflows to auto-complete series of events.

  • SLA Management

    Configure and manage different SLAs as per your customer's need. Our solution helps you to create custom visual alerts based on the event severity, SMS notifications, and permission based collaboration, etc. It also helps you to generate custom SLA reports with KPI of the assets/sites thus promoting greater efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction.

WebNMS IoT Remote Asset Management
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