Your Complete IoT Enabler

for Industries, Enterprises & Public Sector

WebNMS IoT is the industry's first rebrand-able, powerful IoT platform designed for scalable, flexible and interoperable solutions.

Tightly-integrated and mature platform

Investing in flexibility is crucial and requires massive investment in terms of both infrastructure and connectivity, that may well be in place for years. To be capable of adapting to changing data networking requirements over time, you will need an open, unified software platform to build scalable IoT applications across multiple verticals. WebNMS IoT implements end-to-end managed IoT solutions enabling organizations to provide connected services, and to create and manage work processes across people, devices and systems.

Edge to Cloud

WebNMS IoT is an edge-to-cloud platform that can run at the individual asset or fleet or plant level.

Open APIs

Customizable framework and open APIs to improve interoperability with various legacy & existing systems

Uniquely positioned

Drawing parallels from the hugely successful WebNMS network management model, we are uniquely positioned to deliver wide expertise in managed IoT solutions.

WebNMS EdgeX for last mile data acquisition

Most IoT applications ship 'one-size-fits-all' solutions that lead to dead-end dashboards. They answer a predetermined set of questions, where going beyond what we've been given turns out to be a can of worms. WebNMS EdgeX is more than just a conventional data agent, in that it establishes a stable communication, acquires, blends and analyses real-time data across multi-vendor, multi-protocol and mult-vertical environment.


Flexible hardware architecture to manage multiple proprietary systems such as SCADA, BMS, IT management and other business process tools.


Central automation and management of multi-vendor devices, sensors and gateways, enabling unified data orchestration


Enable IoT solutions in a heterogenous environment. WebNMS IoT supports MODBUS RTU, RS232/485, BACnet, MQTT, SNMP, TCP, REST, XML...

How do you achieve the greatest ROI on IoT?

Most organizations understand the benefits of innovative revenue streams and efficient operations. They are embedding technology into assets and devices to enable operational connectivity and control, either by building in-house solutions or through acquisition, which leaves your IT staff and control engineers with a lot of rigid work and complexity.

The IoT transformation requires not only a technological shift, but a movement towards open business models that allows software-providers to deliver a flexible, robust platform-based IoT service.

A complete, end-to-end enabler of IoT deployments for

Powerful platform to create unified solutions

Optimize energy

Monitor your electrical fixtures 24x7, get asset performance reports and optimize overall energy expense with WebNMS Smart Energy.

Manage remote sites

Securely automate and manage mission-critical operations across geographical locations, with WebNMS Smart Site.

Intelligently track assets

Track, monitor and manage your fleet and high value products, all in real-time. Intelligently automate routing, monitor container-fill status, driver behavior and more.