"WEBNMS 6.0 API Docs"

Package com.adventnet.nms.fe.common

Interface Summary
BEFailOverListener The listener interface for receiving the BE fail over event.
BEFailOverObserver Deprecated. - Use BEFailOverListener instead of BEFailOverObserver.
CustomViewUser This interface CustomViewUser is used to register for filtered updates from classes implementing UpdateHandler which handle updates from BE and decides on the action and informs the same to the CustomViewUser.
NmsTreeAPI      This a RMI based API which provides methods to access and modify the user based client tree structure present in the database.
ServerCustomViewAPI RMI API over session beans.
SessionNarrowerInterface This interface defines methods that are common to all EJB/non-EJB session beans.
SeverityFEAPI This API Interface is bound in FE Server's RMI Registry with the name SeverityFEAPI and publishes SeverityInfo's methods via RMI.
UpdateHandler This interface UpdateHandler is used to register for Updates to the SessionUpdateClient.

Class Summary
BEFailOverEvent An event which indicates to the modules in the FE server, about the switch over of the FE server to the standby BE server.
CustomSessionBean This class contains methods to deal with Custom Views.
CustomViewProperties The CustomViewProperties class is intended to hold all information about a custom view.
PanelTreeNode A class which holds data related to Tree node .
ViewCriteria Objects of this class are used to specify various parameters that are needed for getting data through CustomSessionRemote.getData() method.
ViewData A class which holds the data to be viewed.

Exception Summary
CustomViewException Thrown to indicate that some thing went wrong during custom view related operations.
ModuleNotInitializedException ModuleNotInitializedException is thrown to indicate particular module(like AlertFE,EventFE,etc.,) is not intialized during WebNms server starting.

"WEBNMS 6.0 API Docs"

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