"WEBNMS 6.0 API Docs"

Package com.adventnet.management.transaction

Interface Summary
ConnectionBreakHandler ConnectionBreakHandler interface is used to handle database connection failures.
TransactionHandler This is the interface that needs to be implemented for getting notifications after a transaction is completed.

Class Summary
ConnectionPool ConnectionPool class acts as the gateway for making use of the resources that are pooled.
PreparedStatementWrapper This class is a convenient wrapper around PreparedStatement.
TransactionAPI TransactionAPI is the class which defines and manages the transaction boundaries and thus provides complete data integrity or transaction support to database operations in Web NMS.

Exception Summary
TransactionException Transaction Exception is a runtime exception, which is thrown when a transaction is timed out.
UserTransactionException UserTransactionException is thrown to indicate that exception occurs while performing any Transaction related operation like begin, commit, rollback, timeout, etc.

"WEBNMS 6.0 API Docs"

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