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Package com.adventnet.management.config

Interface Summary
AttributeConstants An interface which defines constants for various attribute types.
AuthenticationModel This interface provides methods for authenticating the user, before he configures.
AuthorizationInterface This is the interface that need to be implemented for performing authorization in ConfigServer.
ConfigAPIFactory This is a remote interface for getting the DeviceConfigurationAPI instance in order to execute the tasks remotely.
ConfigConstants An interface which defines various constants used across the config server.
ConfigResultListener This interface defines the listener for the Configuration responses as a ConfigResultEvent object.
ConfigTaskListener This listener interface is for receiving config events on configuring various devices.
ConfigUpdater This interface need to be implemented by classes which need to perform certain operations after configuring a device.
ConfigurationUpload This class if implemented by the user will be used during upload of Configuration, that is, the user class implementing this interface will be used (in case of rollback) for current configuration.
DeviceAuditAPI This is an interface for accessing the Audit details.
DeviceConfigurationAPI This is an API interface for configuring devices through Configuration Server.
GenericConfigSession This interface need to be implemented for maintaining a separate session with ConfigClient.
InventoryHandler This interface need to be implemented for handling the InventoryInputs defined in a DataSource.
NmsConfigConstants This class contains various constants that will be used by the NmsConfigClient to get data like networks, snmp nodes etc from the NMS Server.
RequestHandler This interface receives and handles requests that are arriving through ConfigClient.
TaskManipulationInterface This interface allows manipulation of attributes defined in a task before configuring devices.

Class Summary
AttributeAudit This class holds audit details for various attributes executed over a device.It provides details like name of the identifier, number of retries carried out for a device, attribute status etc.
AttributeEvent This event indicates that an attribute has been configured over a device.
CommonUtil This is an utility class.
ConfigClient ConfigClient is an abstract base class which allows an applet or an application (i.e client) to communicate with the Configuration Management Server.
ConfigClientAPI This class provides various APIs for manipulating configuration tasks or getting task related data from ConfigServer.
ConfigLogger This class is used to log the Config Messages.
ConfigPDU The ConfigPDU class represents the PDU which encapsulates information like uniqueID, workID and the data which the user wants to transfer across client and configuration server.
ConfigProvider This is a base class whose abstract methods need to be implemented for downloading or uploading configuration from various devices through a specific protocol.
ConfigResultEvent This event indicates that a response has been arrived from ConfigServer for a submitted request.
ConfigServer This class maintains all task and device information and does the job of creating, saving and configuring various tasks.It notifies registered ConfigTaskListeners on completion of configuration.
ConfigTaskEvent This event indicates that a device associated with a ConfigTask has been configured for Task execution or for applying the rollback.
ConfigTaskOverEvent This event indicates that the configuration is over for the associated devices in a ConfigTask.
DataSourceGenerator This class provides methods for generating DataSource in XML Format.
DeviceAudit This class holds audit details for the devices associated with the executed task.
DeviceUpdateEvent This class holds details about the configuration of a device.
I18NUtil This is an utility class used for internationalisation
TaskAudit This class holds audit details for the tasks executed in ConfigServer.
This class provides methods to define or generate configuration information in XML format.

Exception Summary
ConfigAuthorizationException This exception is thrown if a particular user is not authorized for creating or executing a task over a set of devices.
ConfigException A class that catches and reports Configuration errors.
ConfigParseException A class which represents the errors which occurs during the parsing of configtask xml files.
ConfigStoreException An class which can be used to report errors in storing the configuration details in the database or flat files.
InvalidTaskException A class which is used to report errors when in the executeTask method if combinedTask is mentioned in case of single task or independent task is mentioned in case of CombinedTask.
ProtocolProviderException A class which represents an error when it is not able to read ConfigProvider or create an instance of ConfigProvider.
TaskExistsException Thrown when trying to create a task with overwrite attribute as false and task with the same name already exists in the database.
TaskNotFoundException This class is used to throw an exception if the task being executed is not already present either in database or flat files.

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