Optimize Operational Cost & Enhance your Bottom Line
Centralized Monitoring

Generators can be located at different customer sites or locations which makes it challenging for the facility owners to monitor each asset. With an IoT enabled Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution, facility managers or operations & maintenance team will get 24x7 remote asset control that will let them know in advance on maintenance needs, optimize site visits, monitor running condition for billing, provide on-the-go switching access and visibility on the health parameters of the DGs across locations. The performance parameters of each generator can be individually tracked and analyzed using a single reporting system.

Real Time Alerting

Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution gives you real-time maintenance alerts and other notifications via emails or text messages. Alerts are generated whenever the sensors detect any anomaly in the generators such as low fuel, theft/leakage, overheating, noise level variations, engine temperature, vibration, unforeseen breakdown, etc. This ensures continuous operations as the fault identification and resolution time is reduced drastically.

Fuel Monitoring and Pilferage Detection

Fuel cost could be as high as 60% of total cost of operations for a typical diesel generator running for about seven hours per day. This is why it is important to track KPIs such as fuel usage patterns, refuelling needs, fuel leakages, etc. In order to achieve efficient fuel management, WebNMS Diesel Generator Monitoring Solution helps in analyzing fuel leakage, fuel used with daily and hourly usage analysis, fuel top ups / filled,  engine run hours, maintenance schedule, etc. by closely monitoring and sending real-time updates.

WebNMS encompasses a remote control capability that enables you to turn your equipments On or Off, thus eliminating manual handling of switching. Additionally, the maintenance/fuel/service schedules and status can be tracked. The sensors also automatically trip off the Diesel Generator sets whenever the fuel level goes low or requires maintenance, to avoid sudden seizure, a feature required especially when the Diesel Generator is located at a remote site.

Security and Surveillence

With the WebNMS monitoring system in place, you can enable surveillance of the asset, irrespective of its location. Camera feed for monitoring any activity around the premises and Sensors help monitor the access of the canopy door and movements inside the enclosure thereby sending alerts when unauthorised access occurs.

Efficiency Control

Operating a Diesel Generator eats up major share of the overall OPEX. With WebNMS, real-time health monitoring of the DG Set, transparency in fuel filling, power usage monitoring and maintenance through predictive analysis will help improve the generator efficiency while drastically reducing the operational cost.

Manage on the Go

The whole idea of commissioning a Diesel Generator monitoring system is that of being able to track and access essential information from anywhere across the globe. With the help of WebNMS Diesel Generator Solution, vital parameters such as fuel filled, fuel consumed, operational hours of work, load patterns, canopy door access, etc. can be monitored in the mobile application itself, anytime. In case of any critical condition, maintenance tickets with appropriate severity can be raised from anywhere, during any hour of the day, triggering the maintenance workflow for operations and maintenance teams.

Intuitive Dashboard

The highly actionable and customizable dashboard with multiple widgets enable users to compare parameters, collate data and generate reports on daily/weekly/monthly basis. The platform also gives you the flexibility to manage all the generators located at multiple sites through the dashboard from anywhere.