Changing the Landscape with WebNMS.

Modern data centers are complex ecosystems. Virtualization, Cloud, Big Data, and Internet of Things have spiked data center workloads; which in-turn has surged the number of servers, storage, and power consumption. In particular, facility costs is growing four-fold compared to IT spend. Investments in managing the IT layer are shifting to investments in managing the physical layer. The physical layer is now being treated with the equivalent level of significance as the IT layer.

The physical platform is of immense significance since the stable operation of IT is completely dependent on it. The flipside is that, both the IT and data center management realms remain fragmented. As data centers have become more complicated, CIOs and IT Managers are challenged in the process of transforming their data centers lean and clean. In spite of a plethora of DCIM solutions available, data center managers have no effective tool for reconciling power, cooling, security, and IT layer in real time.

WebNMS DCIM is a holistic solution that provides unified view of entire data center system that enables real-time optimization of IT layer and physical layer. It enables data center operators to minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO ) while maximizing agility and availability.

Data center managers and senior IT leaders have realized that operational savings of 20-30% can be attained through integrated management of IT and the physical component.

Bridging the DCIM Gap

The data center is the epicenter of the enterprise, but for too many years IT and facilities has been treated as two different silos. Any change in one component of data center equipment can have detrimental impact on other components. DCIM encompasses IT infrastructure layer (such as servers, network switches, routers, LAN, WAN, and storage arrays) and data center facilities layer (such as power distribution unit (PDU), computer room air conditioning (CRACs) unit, switching equipment, data center security system, and more). The later enables IT realm to function.

The sheer number of server growth, tools required to monitor these servers makes it even more challenging to manage and track performance. WebNMS DCIM’s integrated approach offers a true DCIM solution that uses wide range of communication protocols – such as SNMP, SSH, Telnet and like for IT assets and MODBUS, BACnet, Metasys and more for passive assets.

Bridging the DCIM Gap

WebNMS DCIM provides the comprehensive support that today’s complex data center environment demands comprising reporting, monitoring, and analytics of power, cooling, and environmental parameters.

As the primary objective of data center managers is to curb inefficiency and check rising costs, considering the management of these fragmented infrastructures through a single console reduces the cost and integration issues.

Unified DCIM - Achieving Data Center Efficiency Beyond IT