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  • Viasat

    "From proof of concept to completed project in 12 development months. We couldnג€™t have done it without WebNMS"

    Ravi Khanna
  • Viasat

    "WebNMS provides a highly functional framework that I can use to develop my custom monitoring applications."

    Mike Bush
    Time Warner Cable
  • Viasat

    "WebNMS provides an intuitive and user-configurable management platform. Easy to use and modify."

    Kishore Jinka
  • Viasat

    "WebNMS quickly allows one to create highly functional, feature rich NMS."

    Krish Verma
  • Viasat

    "Excellent framework with lots of customization options for a NMS solution."

    Senthil Raju
  • Viasat

    "Highly customizable network management system for end-to-end network device management and support."

    Siva Chinnadorai
    Lockheed Martin
  • Viasat

    "WebNMS provides an intuitive and user-configurable management platform. Easy to use and modify."

    Debashis Panigrahi
    Ortiva Wireless Inc
  • Viasat

    "We needed a proven carrier-class management platform with an open Java based architecture and a complete set of FCAPS functions, service creation and subscriber management capabilities. Out-of-the-box support for standard interfaces like TL-1, SNMP and CORBA were also vital."

    Wei Gao
    CTO, Salira Optical Network Systems
  • MRV

    "The technological value and a field-proven record of WebNMS with the flexibility to deploy MySQL or Oracle Database, provided MRV with choice and the able to meet the requirements to handle the largest nationwide Ethernet access deployments with state-of-the-art Ethernet services."

    Zeev Draer
    Vice president,Strategic Marketing,MRV
  • Viasat

    "The WebNMS product provides an integrated interface to access the management functions (Fault Management, Service Performance Management, Scheduling Policy Management) for a specific set of system components along with additional capabilities such as cut-through direct access to servers/systems. The ultimate goal of the WebNMS is to allow the customer/user to configure, manage and monitor an entire Platform solution."

    Catherine Lefevre
  • Viasat

    "WebNMS is the huge and well-architected product. In my opinion, there is no competitive product in the NMS Platform market."

    Jack Lee
  • Viasat

    "Wonderful platform that provides simply everything for building a NMS/EMS solutions."

    Annai Chandran
    Wichorus, now Tellabs
  • Viasat

    "WebNMS Framework outscored the competition on features, development criteria, and reliability. However, the key deciding criteria were the highly collaborative approach, close working relationship, top-notch technical support, and the professional services offered by WebNMS Framework."

    John Ko
    Manager Product Marketing, Captus Networks
  • Ciena

    "Versatile, open for customization and has been designed with the networking industry's constant growing needs in mind. It is very futuristic and gives developers lot of scope for customization or use it right out of the box."

    LSP Chandrashekar
  • Viasat

    "WebNMS Framework was robust, proven, and scalable. However, the key deciding criteria were the highly collaborative approach, close working relationship, and top-notch technical support offered by WebNMS Framework."

    Don Nasholds
    NMS Software Development Lead, Allied Telesyn Networks
  • Viasat

    "Rich array of network management features with the customizability to enable us to meet our specific customer needs."

    Tom Walheim
    L-3 Communication Systems
  • Viasat

    "WebNMS helped us to deliver an integrated EMS to satisfy customer requirements quickly and OAM&P functionality to market with quality."

    Antony Li
  • Viasat

    "Provides network management additions to our software without implementing an in-house solution."

    Niall McConomy
  • Viasat

    "We have been very happy with your support. It is the best support I have seen from any vendor I worked with."

    Manojit Sarkar
    Airespace Inc
Openwave Systems Inc.

Optaibase, Inc.

OSS Technologies

PhotonicBridges, Inc.
Portugal Telecom
Proxim Wireless Corporation
QUALCOMM Incorporated
Raytheon Co.
Redwave Technology Ltd.
Resolute Networks Ltd.
Salira Systems Inc.
San Diego Research Centre(SDRC)
Sanyo Denki
Siemens AG
Sonim Technologies Inc.
Strix Systems, Inc.
Sunrise Datacomm Inc.
TenXC Wireless
Tollgrade Communications, Inc.
Tropos Networks
Trueposition Inc.
Turin Networks Inc.
Tyco Electronics
US Signal
UTStarcom Incorporated
VSNL International
Versatek Telecom U.S.A.
WiNetworks Inc.
Xirrus Inc.