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A True End-to-End IoT Solution for Enterprises

For a Progressive Internet of Things Journey

Today's enterprises are a complex web of diverse assets. Rather than running the business based on siloed information generated from these assets, enterprises need to integrate the various operations under a single end-to-end Internet of Things driven approach. The industries taking the leap are often perturbed by the complexities involved in the transition into IoT enabled connected infrastructure. The potential and the tractability offered by WebNMS makes the implementation of enterprise wide IoT infrastructure seamless and prolific. Kick-start your IoT journey with WebNMS and let us connect the dots to create the perfect IoT strategy required for your business.

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The Digital Core of Connected Enterprises

Energy Management

Usher in a new chapter in the energy management

A new wave of the energy consciousness is spreading across the industrial sector as energy usage reflects upon the bottom line and overall operational efficiency. Hence monitoring of the entire energy chain for usage, shortage and wastage has become the focal point of the enterprise operation.To scale up to the competition and to reach the imagined heights of future enterprises need to optimize their energy usage.

At this juncture our Smart Energy solutions bring about a proactive shift in the way energy concerns of the enterprises are addressed. The smarter energy solutions offered by the WebNMS delivers the energy solutions on the scale of how you have always imagined it to be

Energy Management

Energy Savings



Remote Site Management

Stay in control through the miles

With business spread far and wide across the globe, managing multiple sites has been quite an operational challenge for enterprises. Right from securing the sites to charting out maintenance schedules based upon the asset working conditions, there are lot of activities that needs to be centralized for a streamlined operation. In an age of robots and drones, WebNMS brings you the ease, preciseness and versatility of both to the operation and management of remote sites.

A well-managed site can bring down the maintenance cost, reduce the downtime and increase security and visibility across the premises.

Mobile Asset Tracking

Navigate the maze of moving assets with ease

With the enterprises stretching the boundaries of their services and operations there has been a substantial growth of mobile assets. In its wake this significant increase in the number of moving assets has brought in its own advantages and complexities. While the raise in the number of assets makes movement, storage and usage of inventory easier, the operational ramifications needs a centralized connected infrastructure.

WebNMS offers a centralized platform to track, monitor and control the assets on the move through varied functionalities such as geo-fencing, location tracking, driver behavior monitoring and environment monitoring.

The WebNMS Advantage

The WebNMS Advantage
  • Create
  • Connect
  • Communicate
  • Compute
  • Connect

    Create your custom IoT Solutions in weeks

    • The scalability, flexibility and security offered by our developer friendly APIs allows business to focus on the business value
    • The applications can be built, tested and implemented within a matter of weeks rather than months
    • The faster development to market transition enables business to keep their competitive edge Lower development cost
  • Communicate

    Connect countless number of sensors and devices

    • Go beyond the button-down limits and connect sensors, cross vendor devices and third party applications
    • Seamless integration of RTUs, Gateways, sensors makes end to end enterprise integration a realistic deliverable
    • Supports wide range of Communication Protocols which makes integration with a wide array of sensors feasible
    • Easy integration with enterprise apps such as CRM, ERP etc assists in better business decisions
  • Compute

    Capacitate data transition among assorted devices

    • Real time acquisition and transfer of data from various devices and sensors through scalable infrastructure
    • The compatibility offered by the open APIs encompassing old and new age protocols makes enterprise wide integration decisive
    • The open APIs facilitates service interoperability which makes communication across cross enterprise functionalities prolific
  • Conceive value out of data

    • Collect, sort and make sense of the massive amount of data being generated from endless data points
    • The connected systems collect and analyze data to transform them into smarter business decisions
    • Map trends and insights from the data garnered through timely and precise reports