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Become a Smart Connected Business with Internet of Things [IoT]

The catalyst for your connected business initiatives - WebNMS IoT Platform

Businesses are progressively investing time and resources to increase the business value and competitive advantage that can be gained by adopting an Internet of Things (IoT) strategy. Any IoT strategy must focus on two core areas for quicker decision-making and enhanced business outcomes.

1. Connecting the assets/devices for acquiring IoT data
2. Enabling decision making through effective use of IoT data in existing business systems, processes, and workflows 

The major challenge faced by customers is, unifying the ever scaling  Device data and Business data under a common IoT platform. This can be addressed with proper adoption of IT/OT integration as a way of collecting information, collaborating with other systems/applications and ensuring that the right information flows to the right people.

"For instance, consider a Service provider who rents Equipment. Let's assume that the company envisages connecting their IoT data from assets with their enterprise software systems like ERP, Billling, Ticketing tool, CRM, etc. Real-time data from assets creates visibility on the health & performance of the machine. Proactive fault notifications gets logged in the ticketing system, triggering a service request to act immediately on repairs/replacements before a major incident. Asset health data can feed ML driven preventive maintenance and asset life time value enhancement and eventually asset data in CRM can effectively enhance customer touch points for better customer satisfaction".

Your 'Mantra' to success in the connected digital world

WebNMS IoT platform simplifies the integration of brownfield infrastructure & enterprise applications while also offering lower latency and enhanced security across OEMs or Enterprises. The platform supports end-to-end connectivity and helps exploit data/insights to optimize every aspect of your business transformation to create and deliver more value.


  1. Better touch point with customers

  2. Asset health monitoring

  3. Feedback for iterative product development

  4. Innovation in business models


  1. Monitoring of processes and assets in real-time

  2. Optimized operations and opex reduction

  3. Digitization of workflows and decision making

  4. Visibility to higher management

"WebNMS IoT platform ensures IoT data acquisition & processing from assets and pushing the useful data directly in to CRM, Billing, Ticketing tools and other business software systems to provide meaningful insights and informed decision-making." 

WebNMS IoT provides an end-to-end integration from ideation to operation that could help System integrators, resellers and MSP's to deliver

Easy integration with enterprise grade applications
Connect data and workflow across applications to gain actionable insights
Create innovative IoT use cases to meet the business needs
Three-fold reduction in time to market
Incremental revenues exponentially

Explore how WebNMS IoT platform plays a key role in helping businesses achieve application connectivity and evolve their ever-changing IoT business goals.

IoT+Zoho CRM for Logistics {ITMS} integrated transport management system

The Challenge:

Fleet industry is in a transition phase. Enterprises are on a continuous spree to leverage the emerging technologies and gain competitive advantage. Some of the major challenges faced by the enterprises are:

  • Create last mile visibility on fleet & driver.

  • Track and monitor the vehicles in real-time.

  • Analyze the driver behavior.

  • Plan optimized routes & Geo-fencing.

  • Track vehicle idling & fuel usage trends.

  • Predict vehicle maintenance schedules or failures.

  • Integration with third party systems for billing and contract management. 

The Solution:

WebNMS IoT Fleet Management Solution is a comprehensive suite that combines the whole gamut of fleet management capabilities providing greater visibility and intelligence of on-ground reality. The solution is scalable and can be customized to suit needs of fleet service providers.

  • Vehicle attendance & driver identity management.

  • Geo-fencing notifications on truck arrival/departure.

  • Efficient route planning with proof of delivery at every drop-off point.

  • Track and trace records for auditing purposes.

  • View multiple reports such as maximum trips by a driver over a selected period, trips with high fuel consumption, fleet run hours and utilization, trip history, driver behavior alerts and escalations, etc.

  • Integration with Zoho CRM for billing and contract management (Customers/vendors).

The Value:

By leveraging WebNMS IoT Fleet Management Solution, enterprises can digitize their complete workflow from customer on-boarding, contract approval, logistics fulfilment with real-time visibility, better ETA prediction for en route drop off locations, identifying and mitigating delays in loading and unloading, stringent adherence to SLAs, workforce management and trip scheduling, driver behavior and work hours tracking, vehicle security with geo-fencing, manage vehicle availability and maintenance schedules, billing automation with trip information and fuel data. 

Enterprises can:

  • Increase their Operational efficiency

  • Increase the Visibility and ETA predictability of consignments

  • Increase Visibility into Opex cost components and revenue leaks

  • Optimize the cost of their commercial contracts with their customers by highlighting various real-time usage patterns and loading/unloading delays at docks.

IoT+Zoho CRM for Energy Management

The Challenge: 

Rising energy costs and demand have forced the enterprises to find new ways to attain sustainable growth. Some of the other major challenges that the enterprises face today are:

  • No visibility on the energy consumption pattern

  • High operational costs due to rising energy costs

  • No or less environmental control for energy consuming areas like server rooms etc.

  • Higher carbon emissions

The Solution: 

WebNMS Energy Management Solution offers extensive features like power quality monitoring, energy metering and control, demand monitoring & control, predictive maintenance of energy assets like DGs, Chillers etc.

  • Optimize the energy consumption by comparing it across disparate sites/assets

  • Monitor the battery health, temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors

  • Perform predictive/preventive maintenance for the energy assets

  • Reports detailing the energy consumption asset wise, floor wise, and site wise

  • Integration with Zoho CRM for billing and ticketing (Field technician)

The value:

WebNMS IoT Energy management Solution enables the enterprises with tools and analytics required to transform your business operations digitally. Enterprises are able to:

  • Lower their energy consumption

  • Increase their operational performance

  • Gain better insights into future energy consumption

  • Monitor the disparate systems through data aggregation

  • Reduce carbon footprints

IoT+Zoho Creator for facilities

The challenge: 

Modern facilities are powered by a multitude of building management systems and applications. Managing these systems to ensure operational efficiency while retaining seamless occupant experience is a priority for the facility managers. The many challenges faced by the facility managers that occlude the wealth of information are:

  • High energy costs

  • High operational/man-power costs

  • High maintenance costs

  • Lack of visibility of all the assets across the geographically dispersed facilities

  • Management of ageing inventory

  • Security management

  • Manual work order management

The Solution: 

WebNMS IoT Facility Management Solution is digitally transforming the ways how facilities are managed by providing an integrated view of the building operations to the FMs. By using our solution, different stakeholders can benefit from a rich set of custom-interfaces and intelligent end user applications.

  • Centrally visualize the complete customer life cycle

  • Proactively monitor the assets and sites for sustainability management

  • Efficiently manages the vendor and employee contracts

  • Track and monitor the assets in real-time

  • Forecast the consumption patterns using predictive analysis

  • Integrates with the support application for the ticketing needs

  • Automate the billing and invoice process

  • Advanced risk selection without site visits

The value:

  • Easily integrates with enterprise-grade applications

  • Data-driven insights enable faster decision-making

  • Improved operational efficiency of the facilities

  • Risk Mitigation