Product Brief

Business Challenges are Evolving,
so should your Solution.

The need of the hour is ensuring secure, energy-efficient and well-maintained remote sites. WebNMS Cell Tower Manager delivers all your requirements on a single screen.

Key Challenges Operators Face

  • Escalating Energy Bills
  • Unsecured Remote Sites
  • Fuel
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Tight
  • Site

Energy Management

  • Swap between multiple power sources - power grid, DG and battery backup to ensure continuous up-time and efficient usage
  • An energy meter measures various energy consumption parameters and the CTM solution delivers multiple reports on consumption patterns
  • Cut down on energy consumption and outages with planning based on consumption reports
  • Monitor battery charging cycle through current sensors
  • Temperature sensors measure ambient temperature and help optimize energy consumed by the cooling system
  • Reduction in Energy Consumption upto 20%

    With WebNMS CTM , you ensure maximum efficiency and lower OPEX
  • Related Sensors

    • Energy Meter
    • AC/DC Current Sensor
    • Temperature Sensor

Remote Security & Surveillance

Secure your site

  • Regulate access to remote sites. PIR Sensor detects unauthorized movement in the site and raises an alert
  • Vibration detectors sense and raise an alarm in the event of tampering of high value assets
  • Smoke sensors and temperature sensors detect the breakout of a fire and trigger instant local actions such as raising instant alerts, sounding a hooter at the site, triggering messages to fire department or turning on the water sprinkler system.

A 24*7 third-eye

  • Monitor the remote sites 24*7 with on-site surveillance cameras and stay updated
  • Door Contact sensors indicate if a door is open or closed. An alert is raised if a critical door is open leading to possible hazards

Related Sensors

Asset Management

Reactive Maintenance of assets leads to poor performance, high costs and increased downtime.

  • With WebNMS CTM, constantly monitor the health of assets with customized dashboards
  • View Reports on asset performance
  • Get notified of any deviations in asset performance
  • Perform predictive maintenance on assets to prevent expensive breakdowns

Improve Reliablity
Ensure 99.7% up-time

Reduce OPEX Cut-down
maintenance costs upto 30%

SLA Management

  • Predictive maintenance of assets ensures maximum up-time and fewer breakdowns
  • Technicians instantly receive alerts when an remote cell site encounters a fault with details of device and accurate site info
  • Immediate allocation of incidents to technicians ensures the response time is shortened and SLAs are better met

DG Monitoring

  • Fuel level sensors help monitor fuel level and indicate when the next refill is due thereby preventing shortage and downtime
  • Prevent fuel pilferage by identifying abnormal fuel level changes. Door sensors and motion sensors detect unauthorized access
  • Leakages are detected by flow sensors measuring input and output flow and an alarm is raised
  • View reports on quality and levels of energy output with data from the energy meter

Related Sensors

  • Fuel Level Sensor
  • Energy Meter
  • Flow Sensor
  • PIR Motion Detector
  • Door Contact Sensor