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The WebNMS CLI API is a set of Java libraries for the network management developers seeking to leverage the power of Java and other Internet technologies in delivering Java and web-based solutions quickly for managing Command Line Interface (CLI) based devices. It provides a good base to build network management products and solutions for CLI device management.

  • Open Standards and Cross Platform - CLI API is built on Internet standard technologies such as Java, RMI, and XML. It ensures greater productivity and inter-operability.

  • Terminal Emulation is a powerful feature that enables user applications to process I/O data from any type of terminal (For ex. IBM / vt100 /ANSI and others). Data Translation and transformation configurations are XML-driven making it user friendly.

  • Out-of-the-box Support for Telnet, SSH, and Serial transport protocols. It also facilitates plugging-in of custom protocol implementations for communication with a CLI device.

Note : Please mail to cli-support@webnms.com for the Support