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Embedded Partners

Embedded Partners

WebNMS is glad to partner with leading embedded system vendors to ensure immediate portability of the developed agents in embedded platforms. WebNMS agents are developed based on standards and are compatible with all leading embedded platforms.

WebNMS Embedded Parter :  Accelerated Technologies company logo

Accelerated Technology’s Nucleus PLUS real-time operating system has been powering embedded applications on many different CPUs in applications that range from extremely simple to extremely complex. System designers enjoy a significant reuse benefit since Nucleus PLUS applications are highly portable to any new CPU architecture.Nucleus PLUS provides an extensive set of services to manage multiple tasks, inter-task communication and synchronization, events, memory, timers, hardware interrupts, and software signals. These services are designed with you in mind and are very easy-to-use.

WebNMS Embedded Parter : QNX company logo

Customers | Testimonials


The following is a partial list of WebNMS SNMP Agent Toolkit C Edition customers:

  • 3Com
  • ADC Telecommunications
  • Advanced Fibre Communications (AFC)
  • All Optical Networks
  • Artel Video Systems, Inc.
  • Axiowave Networks, Inc.
  • Caspian Networks
  • Chantry Networks
  • Digital Lightwave
  • Dotcast
  • ECI Telecom [Inovia]
  • Emerson Energy
  • EMS Satellite Networks
  • Ericsson, Inc.
  • FirstWave Intelligent Optical Networks.
  • General Dynamics
  • Harmonix, Ltd.
  • Huawei
  • HyperEdge
  • Infinera
  • Intel Corporation
  • Lantern Communication
  • Legra
  • Long Board, Inc.
  • Lucent Technologies
  • Malibu Networks
  • Marconi Mobile S.P.A
  • Marconi Selenia
  • MeadWestVaco
  • Mintera
  • Mitsubishi
  • Motorola
  • NEC Aerospace Corporation
  • Netrake
  • Omnilux
  • Optelian
  • Optibase
  • OpVista
  • Passave
  • Pivotech Communications
  • Proximion Fiber systems
  • Qualcomm
  • Raytheon
  • Samsung
  • Seoul Mobile Telecom
  • Sepro Telecom
  • Siemens (ICN)
  • Siemens AG
  • Siemens Germany
  • Siemens Carrier Network
  • SS8 Networks
  • Tailyn Communication Company, Ltd.
  • Trinity Convergence
  • TruePosition
  • Village Networks, Inc.
  • Verint Systems
  • Verizon Global Networks


"WebNMS Agent Toolkit is an easy tool, which makes the life of SNMP agent developer a lot cool. I need to mention about the support team. They are just too quick in their response and provide excellent support. On the whole it was pretty good experience working with WebNMS Agent Toolkit."

Rajeswari Natarajan,
Software Engineer, SS8 Networks Inc.

"Proximion is with WebNMS adding a new feature to its product platform WISTOM. The SNMP agent will simplify integration and installation in customer networks and will enable Proximion customers to take full advantage of the powerful measurement performance in the WISTOM platform."

Stefan Ekman,
CEO, Proximion Fiber Systems AB.

"WebNMS was the only supplier that offered SNMP for the OSE Delta operating system together with full-featured development tools. The competitors could not offer a MIB editor or a test system at a competitive price."

Johan Widman,
Technical Product Manager, Proximion Fiber Systems AB.

"We were able to integrate the WebNMS agent into our application and deploy the run-time solution after a short period of debugging and integration testing on our test platform. This was followed by a successful live trial with our customer, which only required 15 minutes of testing to verify all required functionality."

Steve Allen,
Director, Product Development, Spotwave Wireless Inc.

Maintenance and Support Terms


1.1 Business Hours: ZOHO Corp. will provide maintenance and support Monday through Friday between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (IST in India) excluding any ZOHO Corp. specified list of public holidays.

1.2 Service Pack (Patch Release): At regular intervals ZOHO Corp. will release a Service pack (patch release) that will be the cumulative collection of all workarounds, patches and bug fixes resolved at the time of the Service Pack release.

1.3 Updates (Minor Release): An Update or Minor Release is the digit to the right of the first and subsequent decimal places reading from left to right in the ZOHO Corp. Product Number. For instance, in ZOHO Corp. Product Number X.a and X.b.c – a, b, and c are Updates or Minor Releases.

1.4 Upgrade (Major Release): An Upgrade or Major Release is the digit to the left of the first decimal place reading from left to right in the ZOHO Corp. Product Number. For instance, in ZOHO Corp. Product Number X.a and Y.a – X and Y are Upgrades or Major Releases.

1.5 Workaround: Workaround is a temporary resolution for a problem that will enable the ZOHO Corp. Program(s) to work without the problem. ZOHO Corp. will make all efforts to provide an enhanced and permanent solution to the problem in the Service Pack that is subsequently released.

Severity Levels:

2.1 Severity Level 1 (S1): The ZOHO Corp. Program(s) does not function without a fix being provided and the problem has significant effect on the revenues or business operations of the Licensee.

2.2 Severity Level 2 (S2): The ZOHO Corp. Program(s) can function. However, the ZOHO Corp. Program(s) functions providing incorrect results or its performance is inconsistent pursuant to the ZOHO Corp. user documentation.

2.3 Severity Level 3 (S3): The functionality of the ZOHO Corp. Program(s) is not affected by the problem or can be accomplished by using other features of the ZOHO Corp. Program(s).

Maintenance and Support Entitlement

3.1 ZOHO Corp. provides maintenance and support to the major release of the product, licensed under the terms of this Agreement and as shown in Exhibit A. Licensee must maintain valid Annual Maintenance and Support License as provided in Section 3.2 of this Agreement for the ZOHO Corp. Program(s).

3.2 Licensee is entitled to receive maintenance and support that includes email support for problem resolution, product updates, and online access to technical documentation. Licensee may choose either premium development and runtime support as set out in 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 below or classic development and runtime support as set out in 3.2.3 and 3.2.4 below.

  • 3.2.1 Email and Phone Premium Development Support

    ZOHO Corp. provides email and phone access to ZOHO Corp. product specialists for ZOHO Corp. product installation, usage assistance, problem diagnosis and resolution, clarifications in documentation, and technical guidance. Key features of this support program are:

    • 24 hours response with a note on the problem resolution status
    • Resolving S1 level problems. ZOHO Corp. will make all attempts to arrive at a workaround solution within 72 hours of problem reporting for S1 level issues.
    • Providing workarounds for problem resolution.
    • OHO Corp. provides technical assistance by means of Conference Calls and Webex debugging sessions, upon request from Licensee
      1. to discuss the problem
      2. to determine priority of technical issues
      3. to get the status of the pending support requests
    • S2 and S3 level problems will be addressed and resolved within the time period fixed mutually by both parties on a case-to-case basis.
  • Email and Phone Runtime Support

    E-mail access (during the business hours) to Product specialists for Licensed Software installation & usage assistance, problem diagnosis and resolution, clarifications in Product documentation, and technical guidance.

    Service Timeframe*

    Severity Level Acknowledgement Problem Determination Restoration Defect Resolution Remarks
    1 24 Business Hours 36 Business Hours 144 Business Hours Will make all attempts, commit full-time resources round the clock to resolve the defect. The resolution timeframe is determined in consultation with the Licensee. Fixes to the S1 Problems, which do not have any acceptable workaround will be provided as Customer Patches.
    2 24 Business Hours 5 Business Days 14 Business Days Reasonable attempts during normal business hours to resolve the defects will be made. Patches will be made available as part of the next release.
    3 72 Business Hours 14 Business Days 30 Business Days Where problem is identified as requiring a feature enhancement, resolution will be provided in a future release. Patches will be made available as part of the next release

    * Average Timeframe

  • Licensee Responsibilities in Problem Determination

    (i) Providing all relevant technical information while reporting the problem
    (ii) Providing the necessary resources (e.g., VPN access to the Licensee environment, remote dial-in access, database access) required by ZOHO Corp. to diagnose the Problem in an efficient manner
  • 3.3 Update and Upgrade Releases

    ZOHO Corp. Annual Maintenance and Support License Fees is limited to providing updates, workarounds, and service packs at no additional cost. Upgrades or major releases are not included as part of ZOHO Corp.’s Annual Maintenance and Support License Fees. Licensee has the option to purchase upgrades separately by paying an upgrade license fee.

  • 3.4 Online Access

    ZOHO Corp. provides online access to its support knowledge repository that include product documentation, frequently asked questions, release notes, and White Papers via ZOHO Corp.’s website.