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All the routers in your network are automatically discovered by Web NMS and they are displayed in a default map called Routers. The discovered routers are displayed also in the IPnet map and Network Database view. For more information, refer to IPnet Map and Traversing Network Database.

Viewing Routers Map


When you open the Application Client, IPnet map is displayed, by default.


To view Routers map

    1. Log on to Application Client.

    2. Click the Routers map node on the tree. This node is available on the tree only if at least one router is discovered in your network.

The Routers map is opened on the display panel. This map displays all the routers discovered by Web NMS in your network.




Viewing Router Details


To view router details

    1. Select a router in the Routers map.

    2. From Router menu, choose Router Details.

The Router Display Panel is displayed. The following table provides the description of the fields in Router Display Panel.




DNS Name

Displays the domain name of the router, whose details are being viewed. This is a hierarchical, domain-based naming system.

System Description

Displays a textual description of the router. Value includes the full name and version identification of the system's hardware type, operating system, and networking software.

System Object ID

Displays the vendor's authoritative identification of the network management sub-system contained in the router. This value provides an easy and unambiguous means for determining the device that is being managed.

Interface List

Displays a list of the IP addresses of the interfaces connected to the node.

Snmp Port

Displays  the port number to which the interface is connected.

SNMP Version

Displays the SNMP version used (v1, v2, v3).


Displays the community string of the corresponding agent associated with the interface.

Write Community

Displays the write community string used for Set requests.



Router Display Panel

Click the Interfaces tab (refer to the image above) to view the details of the interfaces. To view the router details again, click the Router (refer to the image above). The following table provides the description of the interface fields




IP Address

Displays the IP address of the interface connected to the node, whose details are currently being viewed.


Displays the Netmask which is used to identify the network to which each device in the network is connected.

Interface Descriptor

Displays the description of the interface that is connected to the node.

Interface Speed (Mbps)

Displays the rate of transfer of the packets.

MAC Address

Displays  the physical address of the device.

Physical media

Displays the physical media which refers to the hardware incorporated in the system.


Click Refresh to get the latest information of the router.


To view router object details

    1. Select a router in the Routers map.

    2. From the Router menu, choose Managed Object Properties.

The Object Properties dialog box is displayed. For information on each of the properties, refer to Map and Device Details in Appendix.


To view router map symbol details


For information, refer to the Viewing Map Symbol Properties section in the Performing Map Operations topic.


Tip: You can view object and map symbol details also from the Network Database view. Refer to Traversing Network Database.



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