5.37 Introduction to Smart Service Pack Upgrade



What is Smart Service Pack Upgrade


A new smart update mechanism that automatically upgrades the FE Server and the Application Client deployments on installation of a Service Pack just on the BE Server, has been built over Update Manager. This feature is known as Smart Update Manager (SUM).


Along with the regular features of the update manager, the SUM provides an option to automatically check for the difference in versions of the Service Packs applied in the server and the application. In his process it also enables the option of automatic installation of the latest Service Pack version in the client applications.


A Client-Server Architecture


The SUM has two modules namely, Update Manager Server (UMS) and Update Manager Client (UMC). The Update Manager Server (UMS) runs in the BE Server. When the FE Server / Client is started, the Update Manager Client (UMC) that is bundled with the same contacts the UMS in the BE Server. If the FE Server / the Client does not have the latest Service Pack installed in it, the UMC provides options to install the Service Pack automatically.


The basic idea of this architecture is to maintain a sync between the Service Pack applied in both the server and the client applications. i.e. to automatically enable all the applications to use the latest Service Pack release. By default the SUM Server and the SUM Client communicates via TCP. You can also write your own implementation for using any other protocol like RMI, etc.


Client-Server Architecture of SUM


In this case:

Modes of behavior of SUM


When the application that bundles the SUM is started, the UMC is invoked first. This UMC contacts the UMS in the server to which the application tries to connect to. At this juncture, the various possibility of the differences in the Service Packs between the application and the server are:

To know how to configure the various options provided by the Smart update Manager, please refer to the page: How to Configure Smart Update Manager.


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