5.18.6 Managed Object Map with Device Snapshot View


This topic explains the following about Device Snapshot View:




For a new map created or existing Web NMS default map, Web NMS provides an option to add Device Snapshot View to display all the details related to the managed object. Event, Alarm panels can be added as a tab below the map. User defined custom panels can also added.



Enabling the Device Snapshot View Panel


To enable the Device Snapshot View Panel, set the DEVICE_VIEW parameter to true in the serverparameters.conf file available in the <Web NMS Home>/conf directory.




And set the parameters MULTIPLE_ALERT_VIEW and MULTIPLE_EVENT_VIEW to true in the clientparamerter.conf file present under <Web NMS Home>/conf directory.





On enabling, each map panel will be added with the tab panels below the map view (Device View). The tab panels will be added based on views specified in the map property tabPanels.



Enabling the Menu Entry for Device View


Uncomment the following entries in the <Web NMS Home>/html/defaultToAllUsers/mapmenu.xml file.



<!--MENU-ITEM-GROUP name="Device Tabs">

<MENU-ITEM name = "Add View" action_command="AddView">


<MENU-ITEM name = "Remove View" action_command="RemoveCv">






To create custom tab panel and add it in the Device Snapshot View

Sample code for custom tab panel class:


package example;

import com.adventnet.nms.mapui.*;

import java.util.*;

import javax.swing.*;

public class ExampleTab extends AbstractNmsTabPanel


        public ExampleTab()




        public void init(JApplet applet)


                 add(new JLabel(“USER PANEL”));


        public void startTab(Properties prop)





Sample entry:

<TABPANEL PANEL-KEY="MyPanel" className="example.ExampleTab"></TABPANEL>


Integrating the Custom, Events, Alerts tab panels to the default maps:

Sample Entries in the Map Filter:

Modify the Map Filter as given below to add a custom tab panel to the Map.


// This adds the panel keys of the tab panels that has to be added with the map.

Properties tabprop=new Properties();



//This specifies the table columns and the criteria for the Event CustomView

Properties properties1 = new Properties();

properties1.put("FieldsWanted", "Source=entity;Status=severity");//table columns.

properties1.put("Source","a*");//criteria sets that only the entity starts with 'a' should be shown.

tabprop.put("EVENT-PROPS", properties1);


//This is the new api that adds the Map with Tabs.

if (mapapi.addMapWithTabs(ipnetmap,mapprop,0,tabprop))



To add Events, Alerts tabs from the client in the Device Snapshot View


Default custom view tab panels (Alerts and Events views) can also be added to the map from the Client provided the DEVICE-VIEW parameter is set to true in the serverparameters.conf file (Application/Applet/Web-Start Client).

The procedure is given below:


Using Custom View Menu

To add device view to the custom maps

For the custom maps you can add the device tab views by providing the map property tabPanels in the maps.conf file present under <Web NMS Home>/conf directory as follows:


 <map mapname="Failed_Objects_Map.netmap" tabPanels=”Events,Alerts,MyPanel” ...>


Using Map Properties form

Using the above procedure, you can also add the custom tab panels to the map by filling the tab panel keys in the map property form. Ensure that you have kept the compiled custom tab panel class in the client class path and configured the panel in the DeviceTabPanels.conf file.





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