5.15 Introduction to Management Server


Most Network Management solutions are typically beset with the problem of managing multi-vendor and multi-protocol network elements. Often building a solution encompassing this diversity leads to applications becoming non-scalable and less open to managing new protocols. Further, these applications are weighed down by network interfacing functionality rather building higher level management functionality.


Management Server precisely solves this problem by taking over the complete network interfacing functionality and offers a protocol-neutral extensible layer, which serves as a common point of convergence between the management applications and the network elements. It is targeted to address the requirements of performance, fault and configuration management of network management applications.


The Management Server provides the necessary infrastructure, with a comprehensive suite of cross-platform development modules, APIs and packaged applications. To communicate with managed systems (network elements, systems and applications) it supports SNMP (v1, v2c & v3), TL1, CORBA, CLI protocols.


Features of Management Server

This section explains:


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