5.14 Introduction to Management Protocols


This section explains the various Management Protocols that are supported by WebNMS. It also explains how a new protocol support can be enabled in Web NMS.




WebNMS supports all the three versions of SNMP (v1, v2c and v3). This section explains the functionalities and tools of SNMP in NMS, SNMP Applet Server, SNMP EJB and some examples on SNMP EJB.




Transaction Language 1 (TL1) is the most widely used management protocol in telecommunications. It manages most of the broadband and access networks and is increasingly being used worldwide for newer management applications. This section explains the functionalities and tools of the TL1 Protocol in Web NMS. It also explains the TL1 Applet Server.




This section explains the CLI functionalities and tools in Web NMS. It also has examples that illustrates the CLI features.




This section gives an overview about CORBA functionalities in Web NMS.




This section gives an overview on the DHCP support in Web NMS


Plugging in Protocols


Apart from SNMP, TL1, CORBA protocol support, Web NMS also facilitates in plugging in a new custom protocol. This section explains how you can integrate a new protocol into NMS and gives you pointers to various modules of NMS, wherein plugging a new protocol support is explained.


Management Protocols Startup Options


This section lists and explains the various management protocol related startup options as configured in the NmsProcessesBE.conf and NmsProcessesFE.conf.


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