8.1.1 AdventNet Bean Builder


Key Features:

    Fast Track Development.

    Separation of Development Focus: Usability vs Business Logic.

    Easy application development for AdventNet Web NMS.

    Based on Open Standards.


The AdventNet Bean Builder is a Visual Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on Java Beans technology, for rapid development of Java Client Applications based on JFC/Swing (Java Foundation Classes), built entirely in Java. It provides developers with a complete development suite to shorten the life-cycle for application development.


Equipped with comprehensive Java Bean component gallery, easy to use visual draw area, automatic code generation, sophisticated code editor, Integrated debug and test environment, support for CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) based repository maintenance, and smart application deployment packaging features, Bean Builder has everything needed for rapid development and deployment of pure Java based client applications.


Some of the Key features of Bean Builder are:


Fast Track Development


You do not have to be an expert developer to take advantage of Bean Builder. And you can get started right away. Proven framework and an easy-to-use visual development environment enables you to develop quality and highly usable client applications code the first time out. That is because Bean Builder simplifies the creation and deployment of flexible and usable client applications that leverage reusable Java Bean components services. Auto code generation alleviates the scope of human error in source code generated, thus cuts time and cost on development, debugging and testing. In-built tools for code editing, debugging, testing, maintenance and packaging gets you right away into the Fast Track Application development.


Separation of Development Focus: Usability vs Business Logic


Comprehensive component gallery, easy to use visual draw area, built-in wizards and automatic compliance to look & feel standards provide the right setup for Usability Engineers to take up designing highly usable client screens. This allows developers to focus on adding the necessary business logic for the applications developed.


Easy application development for AdventNet Web NMS Client


Being bred from the same farm house of AdventNet products, Bean Builder extends itself seamlessly as an easy development tool to build Client applications for deployment over AdventNet Web NMS, the Management Framework product of AdventNet. Through the proprietary NAR (NMS Archive) packaging mechanism, any client applications can be developed and deployed over Web NMS without any hassles, leveraging the simple-to-use, yet powerful features of Bean Builder.


Based on Open Standards


Bean Builder is a pure Java application, built over market proven and open standards like XML, Java Beans, and JFC/Swing. Being a pure Java application, it gives you a considerable flexibility to develop on your platform of choice: Solaris[tm] Operating Environment, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. It provides a complete and compelling solution for developing high-quality, attractive, usable client applications for any OS platform of your choice, leveraging Java's Build once Run anywhere capability.


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