WebNMS Framework 5 Studio Tools
Eclipse Plugin
Eclipse IDE Plugin

Eclipse, Integrated Development Environment is a widely used open source development environment. WebNMS Framework now provides WebNMSEclipsePlugin which will seamlessly plug into the Eclipse IDE and provide you with a powerful suite of Wizards and Tools that help you to develop your management application very fast.


ClientBuilder Tools
Building Chassis Application

The chassis wizard is a effective tools for creating a representation of the physical frame or structure of a multi-component device. A chassis management application which is typically used to monitor the ups and downs of the device, configure ports, or manage fault in the device can be created with ease using this wizard. 

Building FCP Management Applications

The Configuration Wizard helps to create Fault, Configuration, and Performance Management screens. With this easy to use wizard, complex screens can be created with a few clicks. And any futher customization can be done over the auto generated code.

Miscellaneous Tools

Apart from the above Chassis and Configuration Wizard, Client Builder consists of various Tools to help developers /domain experts to build Multi- Protocol Device/Element Management Client Applications. Tools used for Testing, Storing the Projects, Debugging Chassis, and FCP Management Applications are also available.

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