SNMP Management Solutions

WebNMS’s end-to-end SNMP solutions offer complete solutions for deploying SNMP based management solutions including enabling native SNMP in NEs, mediation solutions and comprehensive EMS/NMS Systems. The solutions support SNMP v1, v2c and v3 out-of-the-box to ensure a wide deployment and applicability of systems developed on it.

WebNMS pioneered the Java SNMP API product and has emerged as the clear leader in SNMP management. WebNMS SNMP support spans technologies and different deployment scenarios. NEs and management systems can be enabled with SNMP functionality rapidly with no re-engineering efforts.

SNMP Enablement of NEs

WebNMS’s solutions can be used to enable embedded agents that reside within an NE and serve as a peer to the SNMP manager. The agent processes SNMP get/set requests and forwards the information to the SNMP Manager. For more information please see the WebNMS Agent Toolkit C Edition product page.

Building SNMP Applications

WebNMS’s SNMP management solution provide the set of APIs that can be used to build SNMP enabled applications. These management applications can act as SNMP managers, monitoring and managing SNMP devices across a network. Such applications can also be used for SNMP mediation. For more information please refer to Java SNMP API and .NET SNMP API.


WebNMS’s EMS/NMS applications leverage SNMP as part of the framework that enables management of various network deployments. SNMP based EMS/NMS applications offer a comprehensive set of FCAPS functions, provisioning, along with bundled customizable interfaces to most popular network elements, OSS systems and other management applications. For more information please see the WebNMS Framework product page.