WebNMS Framework : Offering Comprehensive FCAPS Functions

Role of FCAPS Applications

During the past decade, the Telecom industry has seen a significant surge in the complexity of network infrastructures with widespread proliferation of a new generation of network elements and services. Applications specific processors, optical components, optical back plane technologies and integrated system design have fueled unprecedented capabilities in handling gigabits and terabits of heterogeneous traffic in a single network element. Innovations like SONET virtual concatenation has made it possible to transport data traffic over SONET with significantly better payload utilization. DWDM has enabled multiplication of existing capacity without laying additional fiber. Traffic engineering innovations like MPLS has enabled better usage of network capacity.

The raw capacity of the network infrastructure is no longer an issue. However, to harness the underlying performance capabilities, the operations infrastructure - OSSs, NMSs and EMSs have to evolve and scale accordingly. The legacy OSSs will continue to operate for the foreseeable future and are unlikely to receive significant enhancements since OSS forklifts are too expensive and disruptive. 

Majority of the innovation is likely to be pioneered from the Network and Element management layer functions. Some of the desirable characteristics of EMS/NMS systems are comprehensive functionality, fine-grain customizability to specific domains, extensibility across NEs and services, and ease of integration into service provider's infrastructures. A complete EMS/NMS platform will support a powerful combination of FCAPS functions, SLM, Provisioning and Topology with extensive customization capabilities and extensibility across domains. The resulting solution should integrate seamlessly with OSS/BSS systems, databases, and other management applications in the OSS infrastructure. While several management applications vendors focus on specific functional areas like fault, PM and provisioning, integrating best of breed solutions will likely result in serious issues -

WebNMS Framework TM


WebNMS Framework is an open standards based comprehensive EMS/NMS platform. Its feature rich support for FCAPS functions, SLM and Provisioning yields to a high degree of customization with minimal coding. 

The graphical development environment enhances developer productivity, while exposing the powerful functionality underneath. XML based configuration files allow baseline customization of the feature set without any coding. For more sophisticated customization, filters and rules can be incorporated in the system through scripts, written in Java or other scripting languages. Web NMS is packed with illustrative examples for a variety of application domains. The API is available in Java, CORBA and XML. The customizability and extensibility features are available for the core data model, the back-end transactional components, the front-end session components as well as for the Java and HTML user interfaces.

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