Update Manager



A service pack is a collection of bug fixes and minor feature enhancements that can be applied at a single instance over the product. It is an efficient and easy process for maintaining and updating the product.


During the installation of a patch, the corresponding files related to bug fixes are updated in the product installation directory. It also gives the information of the current version of the patch installed. Every version of the patch includes the bug fixes of the previous patch version.


The Update Manager can be invoked by choosing Update Manager from the Options menu in the Launcher. When you start the Update Manager, all the Service Packs that are already installed are listed and it provides the options to install, uninstall and view the details of any Service Pack installed.




The main features of the Update Manager are as follows.

Warning: Ensure that no application is running when applying the Service Pack. This prevents any files used by the application from being over-written.


Install/Uninstall the Patch


The steps to install the patch:

  1. Click the Install button.

  2. Specify the location of the patch file (.ppm) or choose the same using the Browse option. The Readme button gets enabled once the file is chosen. You can click the Readme button to display the README file of the Service Pack.

  3. Click Finish to install the patch.




If you want to uninstall a patch, invoke the License Manager, select the patch to be uninstalled from the list of patches and click the Uninstall button. Click Finish to uninstall the patch.




Viewing Details of a Service Pack


The steps to view the details of a Service Pack are as follows.

  1. Start Update manager. Select the patch whose details are to be viewed. Click the Details button to get the details dialog. It has the two tabs: General and Readme.

  2. The details such as the Service Pack Name, Description, Size, Time of installation, and the list of files that are updated are shown in the General tab while the README file is shown in the Readme tab.

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