Achieve Green Telecom Infrastructure

With Remote Monitoring Solution

The massive growth in the telecom industry with cellular tower sharing by multiple service providers offers a big challenge for advanced cell site monitoring software.

WebNMS CTM makes the tough job easy by capturing and displaying the operating metrics of input power, generator, air conditioners, and surveillance in an easy–to–use client interface.
WebNMS CTM ensures you get the most out of your passive infrastructure with continuous network uptime with reduced maintenance cost.
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 Fuel Level Monitoring​

Monitor backup generator fuel tank levels. Track fuel consumption pattern based on predefined parameters and forecast refill requirements.

 Security Management

Track human activity and eliminate unauthorized access to site, also receive alerts on intrusion via SMS /E-mail. The solution also resolves the pain points like fuel, battery, and power pilferage.

 Energy Management

Exceptional energy monitoring system averts any major breakdown at the site. Switch power input source of the site from grid power to battery remotely!

 Logistics Management

Centralized control of passive assets and intimation to refill fuel via SMS, significantly reduces logistics expenses.