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WebNMS, the leading brand in network management solutions, offers Remote ATM Site Monitoring solution ג€“ a powerful solution to manage passive infrastructure from thousands of ATM sites and generate event information in real time. The drastic rise in ATM transaction costs which covers property, telecom, security, network, power management and cash management results in lower operational savings and pressurized profitability.WebNMS ATM Manager enables ATM operators to take centralized control of the networks and improves operational excellence. Also, ATM Operators can save rising operating costs when an effective remote monitoring system like ATM Manager is at place.

ATM Site Monitoring Solution is built on WebNMS Framework, which is a highly scalable telecom network management product deployed more than 25,000 times telecom service providers world-wide to manage their telecom networks. ATM Site Manger is a complete solution consisting of a RTU and WebNMS based central NMS. The RTU is a modular product which can be integrated with devices using analog and digital communication protocols. We work in partnership with Digitec Systems for the RTU.

WebNMS ATM Site Manager ensures:

  • Optimized passive infrastructure utilization
  • Enhanced reporting and analytical capabilities
  • Reduction in capex and opex
  • Maximum revenue from each site
  • Continuous network uptime
  • Leverage competitive advantage

Solution Snapshot

Solution Snapshot

Real Time

Captures real time information.

  • Daily customer usage pattern at ATM based on the door openings
  • Time duration of each air conditioner on/off for 24 hour period
  • Number of main power outage (lower voltage/ over voltage condition) with its duration
  • Total battery usage per day and the battery voltage is measured every 2 hours

Centralized Control

Enables power management by reducing wastage and hefty electricity bills and intimates the well performing assets and which needs immediate attention.

  • Air conditioner control based on temperature
  • Light and fan control based on door entry with timer of 10-15 minutes
  • Smoke/intruder siren based on sensor
  • UPS shutdown and restore for rebooting ATM
  • Enables setting of temperature range for air conditioner on/off
  • Enables setting of run-time for each air conditioner

Fault Management

Send alarms and Periodic log via Ethernet, GPRS and SMS to remote servers, thus resolving issues and delay in restoration due to manual processes.

  • Alerts upon detection of smoke or an intruder
  • Alerts on ATM Failure owing to power supply
  • Alerts on UPS Failure
  • Alerts on air conditioner failure
  • Alerts on fan and lights failure
  • Alerts when room temperature exceeds 45oC


Helps to visualize and gain insights in a centralized point of control for pro-active decisions thus improves profits.

  • Reports on energy usage
  • KPI reports on energy efficiency across sites/regions
  • Makes energy consumption accountable
  • Reports to enable efficient usage of assets
Energy Dashboard
  • Reports on overall power-usage pattern
  • Reports on improper functioning of safety equipment
  • KPI reports on energy efficiency across sites/regions

How it Works?

How it Works?
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WebNMS forays into the Machine-to-Machine solutions space with the launch of ATM Site Manager
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