JMX Compiler
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JMX Compiler is an intuitive tool used for generating source files for multi-protocol agent. This compiler tool takes the MIB as input and generates source code for different adaptors such as SNMP, RMI, CORBA, HTTP, and HTML. The toolkit facilitates the users with a GUI that develops the stub files for their application with multi-protocol access.

Key Features and Benefits

Features Benefits

Complete agent development environment

Handles right from loading the MIB file(s) till generating the stub files and running the agent without the use of commandline or other utilities for code generation.

Code Merging support

The instrumented code remains unaltered even after regeneration.

Selected nodes option 

Allows to generate agents for selected managed objects of the MIB files.

Settings Dialog

Enables various configurations of the agent without writing source code. 

Workspace dialog

A single window to view/access multiple projects under that workspace directory.

Debug window

Updates with debug messages (status) on generation and compilation.

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