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The MIB Browser is a complete SNMP manager application that provides MIB browsing and other related information to users. For any request sent to the browser, it queries the agent, retrieves data, and sends it back to the user.
The tool enables all SNMP-related functions right from loading the MIBs, browsing the MIB, walking the MIB tree, searching MIBs, performing testing and other functions that reduce the effort of implementing in managing an application. Viewing and operating the data available through an SNMP agent on a managed device, e.g., a router, switch, hub etc. is also made possible by using the MibBrowser.

Key Features and Benefits

Features Benefits

Perform basic SNMP operations such as Get, GetNext, GetBulk and Set.

To retrieve/modify the data from the agent

Supports table with rowstatus

To add/delete a row 

Supports sending Multi-Varbind Requests

To send multiple request at a time

Trap Viewer

To view the incoming traps and also to display the trap details.

MIB Browser settings

Enables the SNMP (v1/ v2c/ v3) request configurations

SNMP Table Panel

To view SNMP Table data in a separate window

Displays (line and bar) graphs  

Depicts the real-time plotting of the SNMP data

Option to view the definition of each node of the MIB and a window to display MIB description

Provides information about the MIB definitions and its OID

Generates compiled (cmi and cds) files and serialized (ser) files

The compiled MIB files reduce the loading time leading to performance improvement. The serialized files are easily reusable and editable.

Debug and decoder window

To view the PDU response in the debug window and its details in readable format in the decoder window

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