The internet of your enterprise.

Run an efficient IoT-Enabled business.

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Shape a successful IoT business.

To make this happen, enterprises need a mature, end-to-end IoT platform that can connect the core of your
business to the edge of network. Transform into a digital enterprise with Symphony IoT Platform.


Reimagine Business

Create an IoT strategy and explore its impact on the enterprise software landscape. Form new business models and opportunities currently beyond imagining.


Build IoT

Gain end-to-end visibility of your connected business to leverage existing enterprise systems while augmenting the capabilities of IoT. Do away with dead-end dashboards.


Deliver Future

Acquire and blend data in real-time, from multiple verticals and across industries. Scale and expand your business while we do the unified heavy-lifting of connected business management

End-to-end IoT Application
Enablement Platform

Symphony IoT is an enterprise-scale Internet of Things platform that maximizes the potential of connected business infrastructure. It is a mature, unified solution that provides high-volume, high-drill down IoT services across enterprise divisions, from scratch to finish.

multi-device type connectivity
Edge-X software agent for data
collection across the last mile
Secure lifecycle
management of IoT Services
Developer-friendly environment
including open APIs and SDKs
Good network of SIs and
partners for best practise.
Extensible for large volume
deployment and scale

Allow broader analysis
with data blending

kW Time

Make IoT rollouts easier. From scratch to finish.

There are tens of thousands of devices that draws a variety of use cases across an enterprise. Scale and flexibility requires a platform to be interoperable (with systems of systems) and help enterprise IT staff quickly build challenge-specific application on top of it.

  • Intelligent Energy Management
  • Secure Remote Monitoring
  • Mobile Asset Tracking
  • Intelligent Energy Management

    Symphony IoT platform can help organizations optimize energy usage, reduce consumption and energy waste at granular levels. By dynamically monitoring overall consumption the organization can identify and relate to reasons causing maximum consumption (such as power, water, storage etc.) and its high rates.

    Industries that involve energy-assets such as solar farm, wind mill, oil and gas, multiple buildings, can manage and utilize real-time data, establish operational oversight and compliance, execute energy efficiency programs, support capacity planning and resource planning across the globe.

  • Secure Remote Monitoring

    When its comes to ensuring mission-critical plants and equipment, asset-intensive industries face a challenge of scheduling maintenance and maximizing uptime. Examples include cell-towers, ATM sites, off-shore industry plants, rarely accessed remote locations, multiple business units etc.

    Remote monitoring and predictive maintenance provide organizations to understand real-time performance of assets. When integrated with associated business apps and customer service models, this data can increase their value.

  • Mobile Asset Tracking

    It is vital for businesses in industries such as fleet management and logistics (of say e-commerce, pharmaceutical, food trades etc.) to accurately track assets along the entire supply chain. Asset tracking based on location, status of asset, condition of products, vehicle, related staff and others has a strong resonance for IoT-enabled business.

    Customer experience is on the line, especially in cases of high value products, and so even more critical for providers to have access to comprehensive, real-time information of assets at any given time.

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